Artful Everyday

The Master Inspiration Series was developed to introduce young children to the marvelous world of fine art. The corresponding art activities allow children to sculpt, draw, paint & collage in creative response to great art. Each work featured in this collection was selected to inspire both children and their caregivers to see popular art masters in a new way.

This studio art class is for children 2-5 years. Fine art essentials are transmitted through sensory, playful and imaginative projects. Discover new projects and new materials with every class. Parent participation required. 

Our program teaches art-specific skills and knowledge such as:

  • Exposure to Master Artist
  • Color mixing
  • Brush-handling
  • Composition
  • Combining
  • Construction
  • Creative and imaginative play
  • Deconstructing
  • Rebuilding
  • Art Vocabulary 

Children initate lifelong learning habits such as:

  • Creative thinking 
  • Making connections
  • Increasing attention span
  • Appreciation for beauty and originality
  • Visual presentation
  • Confidence/Individual expression
  • Colloboration with community